Tuesday 20 August 2019

Are you getting enough nutrients from your diet?

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

I heard a doctor on TV today saying that there is no point in taking supplements because you get enough nutrients from your diet. I got a little bit cross when I heard this because not everyone has a good diet, and many may well need a supplement. Now they might not take one because the doctor said there's no need. Yet they may not have looked at their diet to see what nutrients are in it?

Not only do you need a well-balanced diet rich in a variety of nutrients, we also need to be sure of the quality of that food. We need to have it as close to nature as possible, what I mean is, the less processed the better.

There is evidence to support the fact that the soil is not as nutrient dense as it once was. So the food that we eat is not providing as much nutrients. Half of it is over processed, has been sprayed with fertilisers, pesticide and goodness knows what else. People who eat meat have to contend with meat that is loaded with antibiotics and all sorts of medication, which they are in turn consuming. Not everyone is eating organic.

Then we have to make sure that we are digesting, and absorbing our food, we have to make sure that we are not eating foods that deplete nutrients from the body like caffeine. We need to drink plenty of water. Stress affects how our body deals with food. These factors apply to the supplements we take too. So we need to look at all aspect of our health when it comes to nutrition.

I am not saying that everyone needs to take supplements; I'm saying that you need to look at your diet first. See what nutrients you might not be getting on a daily basis. Supplement with those or change your diet to include them. Look at your lifestyle and make changes there if needed. None of us can make sweeping statements claiming that one thing is good for everyone: everyone is different.

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