Thursday 22 August 2019

Art exhibition

WEXFORD Arts Centre will see the launch of two exciting exhibitions next month during Wexford Opera Festival.

Arts Minister Jimmy Deenihan and writer and columnist Medb Ruane will be visiting Wexford on Saturday, October 22, to launch 'Local Colour' by Colin Thomson and ' The Good Room' by Kate Murphy.

'Local Colour' is a solo exhibition by American artist Colin Thomson. The exhibition, which includes work from 2006 to the present day, presents brashly patterned and lively abstractions embodying two central themes of location and light that mirror the shifting tumult of images emblematic to our virtual age.

Using the idea of a guidebook, Thomson - who lives and works in New York - refers to this body of work as ' local colour', a collection of highlights indigenous to particular area.

' The Good Room ' by Kate Murphy refers to what many Irish people may have commonly called a room in a house, such as a dining room or second sitting room, which is reserved for use during special occasions such as Christmas, parties or when important visitors come to call.

The room into which, throughout the rest of the year, young children may not be allowed and in which are kept the most treasured items of the house such as collections of dinnerware or expensive furniture.

Murphy's interest in ' the house' stems from a fascination with the ways in which we structure ourselves socially and how, just like animals or birds, we consciously and unconsciously display our positions in society through the habitats we control and through the manner in which we undertake important domestic and social rituals.

The domestic scenes that Murphy uses and evokes in her work, referring to the home as a place where the subtle hierarchy of roles and identities originate, are investigated through painting, installation and video.

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