Sunday 15 September 2019

Beer belly busting!

THE regulars of four Wexford pubs stepped up on the weighing scales on Friday night as they began a period of beer belly busting!

'Operation Beer Belly' began last Friday night with a first weigh in at Chaz Bar, who will be competing against South 51 , Culleton's of Whitemill and late entrants Chocolate to see who can lose the most weight over a six-week period.

The Chocolate team that entered fashionably late is comprised solely of ladies, all members of North End United.

Bobby O'Neill, a member of the South 51 team, would not comment on whether his t-shirt was 'stuffed' for photographs taken prior to the weigh in, or whether he has really swelled to that size. 'I had a fairly good Christmas alright,' was the only response of the well-known businessman when the question was put to him.

The teams will all have their own dedicated fitness bases. Chaz Bar will be using the Ferrybank Leisure Centre, South 51 will be using Image Health Studios, Culletons will be using Patrick Dobbs Fitness and Chocolate's ladies will be based at Hollygrove Fitness in North End's base on Belvedere Road.

However, Bobby said that some may not be giving up alcohol altogether. 'We've modified our drinking habits. Let's just say a vodka and diet coke has a lot less calories than a pint of Carlsberg,' he joked.

He said the teams and their supporters had great fun at the weigh in, with lots of good natured banter being exchanged.

There will be a weigh in every week to see how the contestants are doing, before the final weigh in takes place on February 18 next at South 51.

The winners will be those who lost the highest percentage from their initial weight total last Friday,

Sponsorship cards are available in the pubs and all proceeds are in aid of Wexford's Ard Aoibhinn care centre.

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