Sunday 20 October 2019

Beer belly update

THE BEER BELLY CHALLENGE is nearing the halfway mark and already the pounds are falling off.

Organiser, Ray Morrissey, has described the progress to date as 'absolutely fantastic!'

Culleton's Bar at Whitemill is packed every Friday night for the weekly 'weigh-ins' but no one is indulging in pints as the participants have their eyes on the prize.

Six teams of five are competing for the prize of the greatest combined weight loss.

Husband and wife duo Ian and Charlotte Fitzgerald, Whiterock Heights, seem to be leading the way with Chalotte loosing 12lb in the first week and Ian loosing almost the same with 11lb lost.

The friendly rivalry between the teams seems to be a huge motivating factor.

When asked would the participants be able to keep up their new healthy lifestyle after the competition has ended the response was a resounding 'Yes!'

'I've lost a stone in just two weeks and I feel great so I'm definitely not going to let it slip!' said Ray who is determined not to revert to his old eating habits.

Of course, the challenge is not just about dietary changes.

Many of the participants have taken to pounding the footpath on Sunday mornings to increase their fitness and help the pounds fall off.

'It's great to see everyone out walking when before they would have been lying in their beds dying with hangovers', joked Ray.

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