Wednesday 16 October 2019

Bethesda craft an incredibly dense and unforgettable game world in Fallout 4

By Chris Hayes - Game Review


fallout 4

PS4 / Xbox One / PC

It's never easy reviewing the big ones, and Fallout 4 is certainly no exception. Fallout 4 is vast, and the space afforded to me for this review is not. Another reason that games like this are a little unwieldy to dissect is that the hype that lead up to this game's release was of wholly unreasonable proportions.

That being said, the fact that this game isn't being met with much more than a universal feeling of content among the gamer community means that the developers have done well. Seriously. They haven't just done well, Bethesda have done what they do best - they have crafted an incredibly dense and completely unforgettable game world, one that immerses you in its story in much the same way a good book does.

Fallout 4 tells the story of two overarching groups that may seem to have fairly black and white - or good vs. evil - policies to start off with, but you will slowly come to realise that things are a lot more gray than they first appeared. Picking sides and doing favors is, at first, about finding your son, but it becomes more complicated as time passes. It's not as simple as choosing between the right and wrong thing; you are almost always sacrificing something, and the decisions get harder over time.

Even in combat it is difficult to pick the right answer. It will not be uncommon to find yourself being hunted down by a wide array of mutants, yourself hampered with wounded limbs, radiation poising, or a potentially fatal shortage of ammunition. Flee, and you've potentially missed out on some valuable gear or supplies. Stay, and you may require heavy doses of stimulants that will leave you totally addled.

Better yet, is that all of the useless junk you typically found around the previous Fallout worlds, is now actually useful. You can now erect homes, establish small vegetable gardens, and fortify defence systems to provide a new lease on life for lost souls. There's a lot you can build and the process is easy, but unless you are more creative-oriented, you may find that there is little reward in this pursuit. The one thing I will say is that the build mode can be very tempermental - you could spend a solid five minutes trying to coax the object placement system into allowing you to snap objects together symmetrically.

If you love gaming you'll love Fallout 4. There is something in this game for everyone, whether you are an obsessive micromanager, a shooter enthuasiast, or you simply love a good tale, you'll probably find yourself at home.

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