Sunday 20 October 2019

Bilberry and Eyebright can clear 'Red Eye'

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

A gentleman asked if I would write about a condition called 'Red Eye'. This is his experience, and in his own words:

'It started with me a few years ago. I got a blood shot eye. I thought this was because I was working with wood every day, and possibly I got some dust in my eye. When I began to get it on a regular basis, I became concerned. I decided to get it checked out by an optician. I got no satisfaction from this.

'I got it checked out by my doctor. He told me that it was a weakness in a small vein in my eye. He told me that it was no harm, and that I could if I wanted to have a procedure done to correct this. He said this would be only for cosmetic reasons.

'Because of this I decided not to do anything about it, with the result that it got worse over time. It started to affect my other eye also.

'I looked it up on the internet. It gave me information on the condition and the name for it, which was the first time I realised that there was a name for it and this was 'Red Eye'.

'Someone told me that I should try a capsule called Bilberry and Eyebright. The result from taking these capsules was great. After a short time I found that I was not having the problem as frequent as I was.

'The other day I noticed that I was getting a bit of a blood shot eye. I had not had this for two years. I bought some more capsules and it cleared up within two days.'

If you have health problems, it's always best to speak to a specialist in order to rule out anything sinister. However there are times when there are no answers, and we are just told to live with it. So it is nice to share this story, you may have similar symptoms, if so you could take this man's advice and try Bilberry and Eyebright. They are both traditional remedies used for eye health. Check with your doctor if you're on medication.

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