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Bio-Strath Elixer- Nature's herbal tonic

Clair Whitty.
Clair Whitty.

By Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Are you tired or lacking stamina? Do you have a busy and stressful lifestyle? Need help concentrating? Need a boost?

Bio-Strath is a natural herbal tonic that can improve these issues and help you feel better. It's been around since 1961 and is a tonic that I have recommended for over 20 years. The main ingredient Sacccharomyces cerevisiae is yeast which forms the base ingredient of Bio-Strath products.

This particular yeast is good yeast, a friendly one that supports the immune system and is therefore helpful for people who suffer with Candida. During the manufacturing process the yeast is fed over 50 herbs and is left to ferment for a period of time. The yeast soaks up all of the natural properties from the herbs. So that by the time we get the product the yeast is bursting full of 61 easy to access nutrients from which the body can benefit from immediately.

The 61 nutrients that it provides are vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. Bio-Strath is 100% natural and contains no artificial ingredients.

It can be used by anyone, young or old to improve concentration, focus, energy, and stamina. People who are very busy, always on the go, or are dealing with stress will find that they can deal with the situation better because Bio-Strath balances the effects of stress and fatigue on the body. This will also have a positive effect on the immune system. The whole family can take it to build resistance to illness. It's also suitable during pregnancy. Athletes take it to improve energy and stamina and it will help recovery after illness.

Bio-Strath Elixer is well researched and is scientifically proven .Some recent research has shown that patients going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy can have an improved quality of life. The research showed that Bio-Strath can help relieve fatigue, support immunity and help increase appetite and also reduces symptoms of nausea and vomiting. You could discuss it with your oncologist to see if it's suitable for you.

Bio-Strath is made in Sweden and sold in over 50 countries with fantastic results. If you haven't heard about it then it's definitely worth your while checking it out.

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