Saturday 24 August 2019

Bioware disappoints in Dragon Age storyline

By Chris Hayes - Game Review

It's not often that you'll see an expansion or DLC reviewed in this column, but such was the burden of expectation on Dragon Age Inquisition's latest update that I felt it only fitting to devote an entire article to it. However, after playing through half an hour of the new content, it was clear that my mission should be to prevent players from dropping their precious cash on uninspired filler.

The Deep Roads are an integral part of Dragon Age lore, so it was a massive disappointment that The Descent doesn't come anywhere close to doing justice to the grand network of enormous underground tunnels.

After being sent there to investigate a series of earthquakes, your Inquisitor receives a vague and muddled story about the Dwarves and their relation to immense entities known as Titans. Which would be a cool premise, if any of it felt even remotely connection to the Inquisition.

Two dour new characters, Dwarves Renn and Valta, sour the mix even further, their only seeming purpose to prod and poke the story along through keeping you vaguely informed of what's currently happening.

The only saving grace of this expansion is the combat, which offers a hefty challenge for even the most seasoned of players. Though fighting off endless hordes of enemies does get tiring, (think that bit in the ice cave in Final Fantasy VIII) it is hard not to appreciate the finely-tuned level of strategy present in much of the fights.

None of this combat goodness, however, can make up for just how flat the entire storyline falls. While it does feature some undeniably interesting revelations and is well paced because of its somewhat linear structure, its conclusion feels rushed and almost wholly unsatisfying. The abrupt ending puts a real downer on the events that have transpired, and although you could argue that it's the journey which is most important, this one deserved a much better send-off.

It's a shame that proceedings don't pan out as well as they should, because the DLC does have its good points. The amount of variation that BioWare's managed to cram into what is essentially a really big tunnel is quite impressive, and there are some enjoyable discoveries to be made if you stray from the beaten path. Overall, it's a disappointment from Bioware, particularly when the parent title has received so much love.


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