Sunday 15 September 2019

Bodies can burn without you noticing

THE SUN CAN be a cruel cruel mistress, as I recently discovered at the expense of my poor delicate arm.

It all started with a glance out the window on a Sunday. On observing a cloud-covered sky I failed to apply the usual two layers of factor50.

That rookie's error made, I duly skipped off for a picnic on Bray Head with my nearest and dearest.

The day brightened up considerably so I sat under the glare of the sun without a spec of protection on my skin, not realising that I was getting slowly scalded as the afternoon wore on. It wasn't until that evening, having spent a lovely balmy Sunday in Bray, that I realised a patch of my arm was as red as red can be.

Despite the agony I faced, and graphic photographic evidence of my injuries, an unsympathetic editor here at the Bray People insisted I work long and hard the following day!

We all know the heat and pain of sunburn, which is really something best avoided. So dear reader, please invest in a decent bottle of sun-block, a nice hat and a good pair of shades.

Make sure you and the kids are shielded from the sun's rays when on holidays or when it makes a rare appearance at home.

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