Tuesday 23 January 2018

Bringing healthy food to the table

By Amy Lewis

Omali's recently opened in Westgate.
Omali's recently opened in Westgate.

A new restaurant dishing out healthier versions of takeaway favourites opened its doors in Westgate recently.

Situated in the former granary premises, Omali's is now serving up a medley of Mediterranean and South Asian cuisine to the masses. The restaurant is the brainchild of Wexford resident Haris Isaac, who saw a gap in the market for healthier takeaway-style food.

'Our main focus is on fresh grilled food and traditional curries made to order. We use nothing processed and no frozen food. Everything is made fresh from local ingredients on the premises,' he explained. 'There's nothing like it in Wexford at the moment. Our restaurant allows people with healthy lifestyles to enjoy their curries while still sticking to a healthy diet.'

Along with curries made with fresh spices, Omali's offer homemade burgers, steak, mixed platters and various vegetarian options. All of the meat served is halal. They also offer a lunchtime buffet for €6.95, which allows diners to eat as much curry as they like.

Omali's does not currently serve alcohol but according to Haris, it is something that they may introduce in the future.

'We might look into it. At the moment, we are trying to focus on the quality of the food. We want people to come here for the food and not just to have a drink,' he said.

Another interesting addition will be a shisha lounge, which subject to planning conditions, Haris plans to open in the coming months. The lounge will be the first of its kind in Wexford and Haris is hoping that it proves to be as popular as those based in Dublin.

'When somebody is here having a meal, it's fairly formal. After people have eaten, they will be allowed to come downstairs and enjoy dessert, coffee and the shisha,' he said. 'It will have a different atmosphere to the restaurant. People can just slouch on a couch and relax.'

Omali's in Wexford is the first of several restaurants that Haris hopes to open nationwide. Originally from England, he has already seen success with several similar restaurants in the UK. His latest venture in Wexford will employ eight full-time and six part-time staff members, with plans to increase these numbers as the business progresses.

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