Tuesday 23 January 2018

Celtic Linen to reunite lost cuddly toys with owners

wEXFORD'S caring Celtic Linen is launching a teddy bear and cuddly toy rehoming service #CelticTeddy.

Every week, teddy bears and cuddly toys get separated from their young owners in hospitals and hotels serviced by Celtic Linen. 'They sometimes end up going with the linen, on their holidays to us in the Sunny Southeast. We wash them (sometimes leaving them worse for wear, but always hygienic) and then give them a good temporary home until their real home is located,' said Head of Celtic Linen Peter Scallan.

He said that from this week every errant teddy or cuddly toy arriving at Celtic Linen caught up in the bedsheets will be individually photographed and placed on the company's Facebook page.

'Hopefully this will lead to a quick reunion and a happy young person,' said Peter.

'We've been doing it informally for years,' he said, 'we service a third of the children's hosputal in the country and many hotels, so this a new service to help reunite the teddies with their young owners, support the culture of hotels and the children's hospitals.

He said that to a young child, losing a treasured teddy can be heartbreaking and for those in hospital can have a serious impact on their clinical outcome, so reuniting them is a very positive thing for all concerned.

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