Wednesday 23 October 2019

Contemporary art at Greenacres Gallery

THE ARTISTIC Director of Druid Theatre Garry Hynes will officially open an exhibition of contemporary art at Greenacres Gallery in Selskar on Saturday, October 22 at 12 noon.

This is the 10th year that the gallery has hosted a festival exhibition.

This year's show will feature new paintings from over 80 professional artists as well as an extensive exhibition of Irish sculpture.

The list of names is like a 'who's who' of the art world - Brian Ballard, Jean Bardon, Liam Belton, Pauline Bewick, Helen Blair, Veronica Bolay, Patrick Cahill, Eithne Carr, Desmond Carrick, Felim Egan, james English, Charles Harper, Grant de Jonge, Bernadette Madden, Elizabeth O' Brien, Cody, Tom Irish and Molly Poencet.

The featured sculptors will include John Behan, Sandra Bell, Colm Brennan, Paddy Campbell, Deborah Brown, Ana Duncan, Philip Flanagan, Rachel Joynt, Sonja Landweer, Elizabeth O' kane, Anthony Scott, Imogen Stuart and the late Eamonn O' Doherty.

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