Saturday 17 August 2019

Coronation Street

Dot refuses to accept Sonia's help over discrepancies with her bills.
Dot refuses to accept Sonia's help over discrepancies with her bills.

Coronation Street

Michelle scrubs the graffiti off the wall, while Phelan fits new locks to the Bistro door. Robert returns home and apologises to Michelle, explaining how he hit the casino, got drunk, was mugged in town and then spent the night in a police cell.

As Robert and Michelle approach the bistro, they're horrified to see a youth hurling a Molotov cocktail at the door. As the door is engulfed in flames, Robert chases after the youth, leaving Michelle frightened.

Meanwhile, Toyah tells Leanne that she's got an appointment with her IVF consultant. Gail summons Leanne to Number 8 and begrudgingly hands her a cheque from Nick for £25,000 as a gift from the sale of the flat. Leanne is stunned. Showing her cheque to Peter, insists she wants to fund their IVF.

Elsewhere, Tracy arrives with Amy in tow. Pointing out that they're the same age, Tracy suggests Summer and Amy should hang out together. Before they can object, Tracy swans out and Summer is unimpressed.

Also, Gina opens her post to discover a stack of unpaid bills. Oblivious to Gina's financial worries, Sophie reminds her about the money she owes her. When Gina is awarded a bonus at work for being the most productive factory girl, Sophie congratulates her, whilst Gina shifts uncomfortably.


Max finds a way to make things worse for Lauren, but she's oblivious to what he's up to.

Meanwhile, Carmel receives divorce papers from Umar. Later on, Max urges Carmel to keep their relationship a secret.

Elsewhere, Dot's stubborn side re-emerges when she refuses to accept Sonia's help over discrepancies with her bills.

Also today, Vincent makes alternative plans for the holiday, while Johnny continues to help Derek.

Denise realises that Max may be Carmel's mystery man, but she denies it.

Later, after a romantic evening together, Max and Carmel go off to a hotel room together and one thing leads to another between them.


Rhona takes control by confronting Pierce in private and threatening him, admitting that she's prepared to lie to get him sent down.

Pierce finally seems to acknowledge his crime as they talk between themselves, but will he be so honest in the courtroom?

Meanwhile, Lachlan is furious that Gerry ruined his night with Belle by spiking his drink with a laxative. When Lachlan sees Gerry trying to kiss Belle himself, will he take revenge? fair city

Trigger pushes his luck, and ends up being humiliated when Robbie makes a discovery. Meanwhile, Mondo realises caring for Juliet might be more of a challenge than he thought.

Pete's attempts to impress Charlie fall flat, and Mondo tries to stop Juliet's crush on Dean going any further. Meanwhile, Damien makes a fool of himself with Caoimhe.

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