Friday 6 December 2019

Coronation Street

Sinead frets over Chesney,
Sinead frets over Chesney,

Coronation Street

Sinead frets over Chesney, convinced that he hasn't been himself since the attack. Fiz suggests they check on him.

Masking his nerves, Chesney tells them he's taking Ruby and Fiz into town for the afternoon and Sinead is relieved. However, as they set off on the bus, Chesney suffers a panic attack. Demanding the driver opens the doors, he flees and leaves the girls on the bus.

Meanwhile, Nicola introduces Phelan to her boyfriend Scott, who's a policeman, and shows him some pictures of a derelict building they've bought. Phelan reluctantly agrees to help them convert it into a youth centre. But when it becomes clear that Scott has no idea he is Nicola's father, Phelan is hurt.

Elsewhere, Angie treats Mary to a spa day before her wedding and quizzes her about her relationship with Norris. Mary's discomfort is evident and Angie is quietly concerned. Back in the pub, Norris gives Mary a hug and assures her that her he's honoured to become her husband. Mary's thrilled, whilst Angie eyes them with suspicion.

Also, when Gemma complains about her sleeping arrangements at Number 6, Cathy urges her to make up with Rita.

Finally, Shona visits Clayton in prison. She's taken aback when he hugs her, saying he's pleased to see her. Clayton begs Shona to spend her winnings on helping him to get out. But when Clayton lets slip that he's running a drugs operation from prison, will she waiver? Later, David is angry to discover Shona has been visiting Clayton, but backs off when he sees how upset she is.


Frank is keen to get to the bottom of everything, so he picks up Megan's phone to call a Spanish-looking number on her recent dial list. Frank assumes it's for Megan's solicitor, but it's actually Charity, who is in the back room.

Megan panics as the pair begin to speak. Can Charity pull off the call without Frank suspecting, or could Megan and Charity's scam be rumbled?

Meanwhile, Zak becomes weary as Aaron continues to vent his frustrations on a punch bag. Zak suggests he may need a new training partner and Aaron decides to join a gym with a reluctant Adam.


Ben wants answers over what's going on, so Jay tells him everything and makes it clear that they're not brothers anymore as he's not a Mitchell.

Jay's comments touch a nerve with Ben as the row continues, and tensions erupt into a fight between them.

Meanwhile, Mick tries to make things up to a distant Linda, but his efforts don't go down well.

Elsewhere, Mr Pryce agrees to tutor Bex privately when she gets upset by her GCSE music result.

fair city

Carol is shocked when a terror from her past resurfaces, and Juliet confronts Melanie. Pete is infuriated when Miriam is chosen as his replacement, and Decco is suspicious of Kevin.

Cathal arrives at the station to apologise to Carol, but she insists Micka Hendricks had nothing to do with her and rejects his apologetic explanation for giving her the wrong name of the brother. He in turn makes moves to split her from Robbie. Elsewhere, Damien struggles to accept that his marriage is over, while Charlotte worries about Katy's increasing isolation

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