Thursday 24 January 2019

Coronation Street

Jane shocks Ian by saying their relationship is over.
Jane shocks Ian by saying their relationship is over.

Coronation Street

Mary has asked for one last trip out with George, but she fails to return. Angie is beside herself, convinced they'll miss their flight, but Jude does his best to calm her down.

Adam then finds Mary hiding in the flower shop with George. He warns her that she'll lose her family for good if she doesn't return home.

Back at the house, Mary is sorry for her actions but everything is forgotten when Norris notices something is wrong with George and sounds the alarm. Will everything be okay?

Meanwhile, Billy struggles with his guilt after what he did.

Elsewhere, Anna tells Seb she's thought of somewhere that might have a job for him.

Also, Phelan fails to spot jeopardy lying in wait.


Jane tries to stand up to Max and attempts to reason with him, questioning why he's acting the way he is. However, her efforts backfire when Max gives her a final warning.

Later, Jane shocks Ian by announcing that it's over between them and she's now decided to leave Walford on her own. How will Ian react?

Meanwhile, Stacey and Martin's newborn daughter remains in a critical condition at the hospital. Martin tries to stay positive by suggesting names for her, but this sparks an argument with Stacey.

Later, Max pays a supportive visit to Stacey and shares some kind words with her.

Elsewhere, Keanu has his first date as an escort.

Also, Michelle's nightmare continues when she spots Tom following her on the tube.


Chrissie and Rebecca are finally on the same page, convinced that Kath is hiding something.

Is Robert's scheming in jeopardy? Or can he stay one step ahead when he orchestrates a stunt?

Meanwhile, Amelia unwittingly brings trouble to the family when she uploads pictures online and a lady called Rose tracks down Daz.

Amelia allows Rose into the Spencer house but finds herself in danger.

Dan, Kerry and Daz rush up the path when they hear Amelia scream, but will she be rescued?

Meanwhile, Laurence is left reeling.

Elsewhere, Jai opens up after recent events.

fair city

Dean forces Caoimhe to make up her mind, and Carol's efforts to mark her son's anniversary do not go according to plan. Kerri-Ann receives a devastating diagnosis.

Carol pushes Robbie's patience to its limits, and he ends up finding help in an unlikely form. Kerri-An has doubts about fixing her relationship with Decco.

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