Tuesday 20 August 2019

Cream rises to top

GREAT TO see that Billy Walsh is to be honoured in his hometown for his wonderful success with the Irish Olympic team. The Mayor of Wexford, Jim Allen, deserves credit for taking the initiative in moving to make the boxing coach a Freeman of the Borough instead of just honouring him with a civic reception.

That is not to suggest that a civic reception is not a great honour in itself but Billy's achievements at Olympic level have been remarkable and he deserves the town's highest honour. It's also nice to see an ordinary working class Wexford man securing such success on an international stage that he is such a deserving recipient of the town's highest honour. It's all a long way from the days when Billy used to rise at 4 a.m. daily to start his milk round across Wexford.

In those days Billy brought the same level of perfection to his milk delivery round as he does now to his high performance boxers. Never did he miss a day, never was he late and the milk was always fresh, which is more than can be said for what passes as fresh milk nowadays in the supermarkets.

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