Wednesday 13 November 2019

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If your dog is frightened of fireworks, a herbal remedy could help
If your dog is frightened of fireworks, a herbal remedy could help

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

I hope these tips from customers can help you too if you suffer from similar problems.

Do you get cramps in your feet, painful aren't they? My son, he's 25, had been suffering with cramps in his feet and his toes, they would curl up in pain and it would take ages for the cramp to ease. This had been going on for quite a while. Eventually he agreed to take Magnesium. I suggested that he take Solo Magnesium as it contains 375mg of Magnesium Citrate per capsule. Thankfully this worked, and quickly too. Magnesium deficiency is common; cramps in the legs and feet, and muscle spasms are some of the most common signs of this deficiency. If you get cramps in your toes then it's worth trying Magnesium. I know my son is glad he did.

Does your dog freak out at the sound of fireworks? The Wexford Opera Festival is about to open, and it opens to a tremendous display of fireworks which is great fun and very exciting but unfortunately it's not so much fun for dogs. They can be easily scared by the noise and can spend hours barking; thankfully Bach Rescue Remedy can help calm them down, many customers have told me how much this has helped calm their pet. It's safe for dogs to take and can be added to their drinking water. You simply add four drops to their water. You can also rub some in behind their ears. Bach Rescue Remedy is also great if your pet dislikes travel, when strangers are in the home, visits to the vet, and any time when they are over excited it helps to calm them down.

For toothache, I had a lady tell me that she finds Colloidal Silver works brilliantly to relieve the pain. She just sprays it onto the tooth and gum area, she said that it works perfectly every time. Colloidal Silver is a fantastic product to have in the house, it's a great natural antibiotic.

Sweating hands are an embarrassing problem. I met a lady who had this problem. I suggested A.Vogel Menosan one a day Sage tablet. She came back after a couple of weeks to tell me that this had helped her. She was delighted to have found a solution.

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