Saturday 24 August 2019

Days Wedding -- Kim Feehan and Iain Dorward

SHE HAS helped plan a few weddings in her time, so Gorey's Kim had a head start when it came to Feehan planning her own. Kim, the daughter of Maeve and

the late John Feehan, who was expecially remembered on the day, worked and it was to the popular North Wexford

at The Ashdown Park Hotel until venue she and husband Iain

last year, their wedding ceremony in St.

Dorward returned for their reception, Michael's Church, Gorey, recently. following They rolled up to the hotel in a beautiful open top vintage car to present at the celebrations were be greeted by their 200 guests.

members of Gorey Little Among those was at the Theatre Theatre Group, where the couple

that Kim and UK native Iain met are actively involved. It Their love around five years ago. of theatricality shone through on

the day, as they treated the guests first dance which started at a slow pace before to a very entertaining and novel songs from quickening to an impressively Adele, Gnarls Barkley and choreographed finale,

Britney Spears. and included Lending a helping hand with the

day's proceedings were best man bridesmaids Heather Mills and Nicola Tommy Murphy, groomsman Paul Feehan, as well as ushers Dorward, Cathy Challoner. Giggles Rob Dorward and Kenneth Feehan, the Clown also made an appearance and flower girl ensuring the laughter began early continued well into the evening. in the day, and (Photos by gerleacy)

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