Sunday 18 March 2018

Derek O'Connor 30th birthday IN THE RAILWAY SOCIAL CLUB

ROSSLARE HARBOUR man Derek O'Connor who is home on holidays from Australia, thought he was going for a drink to the Railway Social Club last Saturday night.

He didn't suspect that his Australian fiancé Mary Sakr had spent months organising a surprise 30th birthday party for him to coincide with his return home.

When he walked into the Railway Club, a large gathering of family and friends was waiting to shout 'surprise'. There was a Liverpool FC theme to the party as Derek is a keen fan.

The former St. Brendan's Estate resident was delighted to meet friends that he hadn't encountered in ages, including pals from Rosslare Rangers soccer club. He has been in Australia for the past four years and works in a bank there.

Among the guests at the party were his parents Maura and Timmy who corresponded with his fiancé by email and helped her to make long-distance arrangements for the party. His brother Martin and his fiancé Ingrid Duff also attended.

'It was a fantastic night' said Maura who is happy to have her son home for another fortnight before he returns down under.

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