Monday 18 December 2017

Don't give up if a remedy doesn't work

By Clair Whitty - Naturally HEalthy

Over the years I have made recommendations to customers and clients to help improve their health and to relieve symptoms. But sometimes the remedy doesn't work, thankfully they mostly do. What works for one might not work for another and so I will suggest that they keep looking for a solution to their health problem. Don't give up after one try.

An example of this is my husband, who recently got the flu, the man flu! He was left with a cough, first it was dry, then it was chesty, then it seemed to be dry again. It drove me mad, the cough, not my husband! I brought home various cough bottles, Lozenges and remedies, and eventually made him a seaweed cough remedy using Carrageen Moss. I was very frustrated but the cough slowly, very slowly, cleared.

I boasted how I didn't get his cold, or cough despite all his spluttering all over me and was delighted with my strong immune system. I have never had flu, and I rarely have a cold or a sore throat. So I was completely shocked when I got the cold, the sore throat and the cough. Like my husband the cough changed, and I changed the remedies.

Then I boasted how quickly I cleared my cold and was feeling very proud of myself , when Wham I was hoarse and I couldn't talk. I had no fever or pain, I just couldn't talk. It was sudden onset and acute. But seeing as it was a week after the cold I considered Laryngitis.

I used Mr Bees Active Manuka Honey factor 10 because it's ant-bacterial, healing and soothing. I used Throat Coat Spray to lubricate my throat. I took Vitamin D spray which is anti- viral and supports the immune system. And I gave my voice a rest and thankfully it's back to normal now.

I am exposed to all sorts of germs on a daily basis at the shop, and normally I never pick up anything. So I was shocked when I did.

The moral of my story is, if you have great health, don't boast, keep it to yourself, and don't give up just because one remedy doesn't work. Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to find the solution. And patience!

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