Monday 19 August 2019

Don't give up on embarrassing health problems

By Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Over the years I have been asked all sorts of embarrassing health questions, including bad breath, constipation, flatulence, low libido, piles, rash under the breast, sweaty feet, or white coated tongue. Walking into a health store to ask for help can't be easy but if you don't ask for help you won't find a solution.Here are some solutions that may help.

Bad breath: common causes include a deficiency of good gut bacteria, constipation, or low stomach acid. You could try a good probiotic which will normalise good gut bacteria, and also help to relieve constipation. A. Vogel Molkosan is a remedy that can help normalise stomach acid.

Constipation: make sure that you're drinking enough water, and are getting enough fibre. The most common supplements are Aloe Pura Colon Cleanse, Lepicol, or Optibac High in Fibre probiotic for constipation.

Flatulence: Charcoal is a common remedy that is used to help relieve flatulence. Digestive enzymes with a broad selection of enzymes to support both carbohydrate and protein digestion can also help.

Sweaty feet: both men and women could try taking A.Vogel Menosan drops. And use Tea Tree powder on the feet, and in shoes. Salt of the Earth spray deodorant is also worth trying.

Piles: Helios Aesculus cream can help offer relief from this uncomfortable condition. A.Vogel Aesculus taken internally can help to improve the strength of the venous tissue, and over time could offer long-term relief. Constipation is often a cause of this condition and will need to be addressed.

Rash under the breast area: keep the area as dry as possible. Sweating is a common cause; the dampness can create a fungal skin rash. A.Vogel Neem cream, or Tea Tree cream or powder can help treat fungal skin infections.

Low Libido: Macca is one herb used to help both men and women improve their libido. It can improve mood and energy levels too. However, it can also increase fertility so be warned!

White coated tongue: there can be many causes, but digestion is a good place to start. Try a chewable acidophilus for a couple of months to see if this makes a difference.

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