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Whitney joins Lauren for a night on the town, but when they arrive at a bar together, she's shocked to realise why Lauren has arranged this.

A disapproving Whitney gives Lauren some harsh home truths over her behaviour, causing her to think about what she really wants.

Meanwhile, Michelle is pleased when Preston returns to Walford, but things turn sour when she gets some bad news and her stress sparks an argument with her toyboy lover. When Preston turns back to Bex once again, Martin discovers Michelle upset at the allotments.

Elsewhere, Mick is relieved when Tina finally talks to social services about finding a home for Sylvie.


Ashley returns to Emmerdale for a visit, as the men of the village have decided to smuggle him home to cheer up Sandy on his birthday. Laurel fears that Ashley might become overwhelmed, but he actually settles in well and even slips into his old cassock.

Later, after being returned to the care home, Ashley clearly has other ideas and heads for the exit. As he's still wearing his cassock, he's mistaken for a vicar and allowed outside.

All on his own in a deserted street, it's not long before Ashley becomes disorientated. How will Ashley's loved ones cope when they hear that he's gone missing?

Coronation STreet

As Peter helps Toyah with her IVF injection, she tries to bury her suspicions about the money. Soon afterwards, when a cash buyer arrives at the pub, Peter is stunned to see that it's Chloe and Steve and Liz are considering her offer.

Peter angrily steers Chloe outside and orders her to stay away from both him and the street. Ken clocks their exchange. Finding Chloe alone, Ken approaches her and Chloe explains she's had a row with her "boyfriend" Peter. Taken aback, Ken invites her back to Number 1 to talk.

Meanwhile, Daniel searches in vain for Sinead, while Beth worries about her niece. Ken apologises to Daniel and assures him that he only wants what's best for him. When Daniel reveals that Sinead is pregnant and he loves her very much, Ken feels terrible.

Elsewhere, Anna orders Seb to stay away from Faye. Seb attempts to apologise to Faye for his behaviour, but worried that Anna will see them, Faye rushes inside.

Also, Tracy is deflated when the bank turn down her loan application for the florists. She begs Ken to lend her the money but is left fuming when he disagrees.

fair city

Marcus's attempt to win Niamh over backfires, Emmet agrees to attend Miriam's social group and Ciaran comes under increasing pressure as Heather vents her suspicions about him. Hayley finds out about Niamh and Marcus's affair, leaving them panicking that she will reveal all to Paul. Ciaran's punishment takes its toll on Katy.

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