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fair city

fair city

Nina may have someone interested in buying the house. Caoimhe gets excited at the prospect of having her own place with Damien.

Later, Caoimhe feels some twinges in her belly while at work and Carol sends her home to rest. The day gets worse when Damien and Caoimhe are devastated by some shocking news.

Meanwhile, Robbie learns from Hayley that Flynn's limo business is used to transport female escorts. Robbie and Carol are furious and confront Flynn, telling him that Carol is not interested in getting involved in his dodgy dealings. However, both are shocked when Flynn informs them that he bought up Robbie's debt and they are out of options until Robbie pays him back the forty thousand he owes.

Coronation Street

As Kylie, David, Sarah, Gail and Max gather round Lily and wish her a happy birthday, Bethany broods over the awful lies she has told the police.

Under pressure, Bethany announces that Max was lying about the assault on Jason and that she has given the police an alibi for Callum. David and Kylie are horrified - will the police believe Bethany over Max?

Lily's loved ones gather round to celebrate her birthday, but Bethany is deeply troubled by the lies she told the police

Meanwhile, when Carla leaves Aidan in charge of the factory, Nick suspects that she is heading to the casino. Alya is amused by Aidan's attempts to deal with an irate client. Aidan fills Carla in on his first day at Underworld and tells her that he has moved Alya's desk onto the factory floor.

Elsewhere, Steve lets slip to Lloyd that Liz reckons he and Erica would make a lovely couple. Lloyd admits he likes the idea. As Lloyd and Erica enjoy a drink together, they're suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Andrea. Clocking their intimacy, Andrea storms out again. Lloyd is torn.


Masood and Carmel's situation becomes even more embarrassing when Kush also walks into the bedroom and sees them together. Masood quickly leaves after trying to explain the situation, but he gets himself in even more trouble once he's back at home. Masood again tries to explain his actions, but an angry Kush sees the commotion and gets involved. When Kush and Masood begin to fight, Shabnam gets upset and heads off to Stacey's to discuss the situation.

Mick steps in and manages to calm down Kush, bringing him back to The Vic to continue the stag celebrations. Unfortunately, Mick's surprise for the event hasn't gone according to plan, so the event comes to an early end.


James fills in Emma about what happened with Pete and Ross. Pete tries to talk to Debbie but is guilt-ridden when she compares him to Cameron and warns him to stay away from her. She points out that even if she could forgive him, he will never truly forgive her for the affair with Ross. Pete is devastated but unable to deny it.

Later, Pete feels the scorn of his family for the first time in his life.

Elsewhere, despite knowing it's for the best, Sam is devastated to be losing Rachel. Jai is shocked to hear that Rachel is moving to Liverpool but is powerless to stop her. Rachel goes to see Megan and thanks her for her help.

Wexford People

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