Saturday 25 November 2017

fair city

fair city

Dermot and Jo face a difficult dilemma when they receive an offer they can't refuse.

Meanwhile, Wayne reaches boiling point and quits on behalf of both him and Orla.

Orla is further shocked when Wayne tells Hughie that they will be out of the apartment by the weekend.

Wayne insists that everything will be okay and is optimistic about getting the jobs in Cork with his friend.

However, Orla and Wayne get more bad news when they learn the jobs in Cork are gone. Orla thinks they should ask for their jobs back, but Wayne refuses to back down.


Jane makes final preparations for her witness statement, which she hopes will help Max. She also writes a card for Ian and hands it over to Lauren, asking her to pass it onto Ian for her.

It doesn't take Lauren long to realise what Jane has planned and she races to the court to stop her. However, by the time she arrives, Jane has already taken to the dock and is describing what happened on Good Friday. To a stunned court, she makes a shocking revelation…

Meanwhile, Robbie gets annoyed when Sonia questions him on the reasons for his sudden return. Sonia gets a further shock when she spots Robbie suspiciously taking money from her purse.

coronation street

With Callum closing in, the Platts have nowhere left to run.

Meanwhile, Tim finds out about Sally and Kevin's illicit kiss.

Elsewhere, the Street throws a farewell party for Andrea and Lloyd.

Also, it's Roy's 60th birthday - but after events in Blackpool, he's nowhere to be seen.

Life will never be the same for the Platts after the events of the night before.

Meanwhile, Tim tries to come to terms with Sally's betrayal. Can he forgive her and Kevin?

Elsewhere, Cathy and Roy agree to take things slowly.


Victoria is shocked when the police arrive and arrest Robert on suspicion of murder. As the news spreads, Aaron thinks that Andy worked it all out.

After spending time in a police cell, Robert is taken to the interview room where he answers questions about his relationship with Katie and Andy. He lies that Andy made up the allegation because he has never forgiven him, but will he manage to manipulate the situation?

At the same time, a raging Andy insists to Diane and Victoria that Robert killed Katie.

Meanwhile, Rakesh tells Chrissie that Lachlan had a gun in the village but he doesn't know where he is now. Chrissie is stressed as she calls him. She begs Rakesh not to call the police, pleading for him to give her 20 minutes to find him. Will Lachlan return before Rakesh calls the police?

Elsewhere, Debbie can't resist when Ross kisses her.

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