Friday 17 November 2017

fair city

fair city

Charlie gives Charlotte a card and a voucher on her birthday, leaving her feeling even more guilty about the awful aftermath of the party.

As the whole group resolves to stay quiet about their role in the affair, Doug reveals he has caved under the pressure and confessed to Pete.

Debbie receives some marital advice from Tommy, while Charlie gets a dangerous shock. Elsewhere, Doug's secret puts intolerable pressure on Pete, and Orla's rage at Paul turns physical.

Wayne is fed up of being humiliated by Paul and prepares to leave Carrigstown. Tension reaches breaking point between Pete and Damien, and Charlotte gives Doug a few home truths.


Rakesh tells Jimmy that he has pawned his watch and is hopeful about selling the flat. However, he's stunned when he gets a call and learns they've changed their mind about the sale.

Getting drunk during his stag do in the pub, Rakesh loses hope over his cash problems and his wedding. Jai is stunned when Rakesh admits the extent of his money problems.

Meanwhile, Marlon is floored when he learns that Paddy had an affair. Rhona struggles to contain her feelings as Paddy explains things to Marlon. Marlon then comforts Rhona as she breaks down, admitting that she doesn't know what she wants anymore.

Elsewhere, Cain thinks Charity has gone for good. He and Moira assure Noah that he can stay with them if she doesn't come home.

coronation street

When Lauren and her gang confront Bethany on the street, Bethany follows Kylie's advice and does her best to stand her ground.

Spotting the bullies, Luke wades in and tells them to get lost. Luke leads a tearful Bethany to the salon, where the Platts listen in horror as she admits that she is being bullied and that's why she's been avoiding school.

Vowing to sort Lauren out, Sarah pays her mother a visit. In the Bistro, the Platts rally round Bethany. Grateful for her support, Bethany hugs Sarah, promising there'll be no more secrets.

Bethany tells Audrey and Sarah about her bullying ordeal

Meanwhile, Michael arrives back from hospital. For Eileen's benefit, he shakes hands with Phelan and claims there are no hard feelings. However, he later confides in Gail about how he doesn't trust Phelan and is convinced he's trying to lure Eileen away from him.


Phil's drunken behaviour continues, so Ronnie drags him to the hospital and begs the doctor to help him. Phil insists that Ronnie should just let him die, but she reminds him that Mitchells don't give up.

With her own words now striking a chord, Ronnie finds the venue of Jack's wedding while Honey sends Billy off to find a car. Billy soon arrives with a hearse and the pair head off to stop the wedding, but things fall apart when the hearse breaks down.

With only a few miles to go, a desperate Ronnie runs to the hotel to stop the wedding, but will she make it in time?

Later, Phil turns back to the bottle yet again, but soon starts to break down.

Meanwhile, the dramatic fallout from Mother's Day sends shockwaves through the Hubbard and Fox families.

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