Friday 18 October 2019

fair city

Gail and Nick are forced to make an admission to Robert.
Gail and Nick are forced to make an admission to Robert.

fair city

The O'Briens' misery continues as the story of Debbie's affair hits the newspapers. A paranoid Doug puts his plans into action, unaware his every move is being carefully scrutinised. Mondo and Deegan give Angela a hearty send-off, and Laura's steroid dependence creates a rift in her friendship with Hayley.

Cass receives help from an unlikely source at the allotments. Niamh's heart is broken all over again when she finds out Paul has set Hayley up with an apartment. Emmet tries to determine Eoghan's motive for pushing Debbie into talking to Nina, and Laura is forced to make a difficult decision.

Coronation Street

Gail and Nick are taken aback when Robert confronts them over the situation at the Bistro, demanding to know what's going on. As David reaches the end of the duct he's using to make his escape, he's devastated to find a grill over the exit and lets out a yowl of frustration.

Hearing David's noises, Gail and Nick have no choice but to come clean with Robert. Robert listens with incredulity as they explain David's plans to kill Clayton and how they're holding him hostage to prevent this. As they beg Robert to keep quiet, will David find a way to escape and put his plan into action?

Meanwhile, Peter blames himself for recent events.

Elsewhere, Michelle tears a strip off Leanne for breaking her trust and blabbing to Tracy. How will Leanne worm her way out of this one?

Also, clearly upset, Beth tells Mary how she's supposed to be starting her community service but wants to lend her support to Craig as he's giving evidence in court today. As Gemma and Craig wait nervously to be called into court, will Beth arrive in time?


The first four episodes of this week focus on the same 24 hour period, but from the point of view of a different character group. Today's episode focuses on James and Emma.

James is falling in our next glimpse of the future, but back in the present day, he's just falling out of bed.

With Emma out, James carries out an act of defiance by scrawling "I DO NOT" across their wedding vows.

Still desperate to escape Emma's clutches, James gets an idea when he hears a lorry outside. He tries to get the driver's attention from the window, but he has no luck.

James then panics when he overhears Emma chatting to the driver outside. Now back, will Emma manage to ruin James's plans for a great escape?


Steven's jealousy rears its ugly head once again when he hears Lauren telling Jane about Peter watching the video of Louie.

Later, Jane decides to check the finances for the restaurant but is concerned when she realises that the numbers don't add up. Has Steven's deception finally been exposed?

Meanwhile, Martin tells Kush that he's worried Belinda won't be able to pay her share of the rent, since things are so bad with her business at the moment.

Belinda is far more optimistic about the future when she visits the Carters with all of the paperwork for their investment. Is her luck about to change, or is she facing fresh disappointment?

Elsewhere, Roxy wants to spend time with Amy but is disappointed when she realises that Jack is taking her on holiday.

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