Monday 20 November 2017

Find the right way to start to your day

By Calodagh McCumiskey - Wellness & Meditation

The happiest and most successful people I know have a defined routine to start their day. Their daily morning clock is fixed. While the specifics and timings of the routines differ, at their heart, they are all similar in that they do something good for the person in mind, body or soul - and mostly for all three. They use a tried and tested personal recipe for a great start to the day.

What do you do? Do you start the day with a plan, building in time for yourself or do you push the snooze button and leave everything until the last minute and then give out to yourself for being late? For most of my adult life - I got up and ran straight into the day. If there was an internal dialogue it too often focused on the negative or what I was dreading most about the day ahead.

Since learning to meditate eight years ago I have understood the value of a positive mind-set. Your morning attitude and routine is a key marker for your day - if the day starts well, it will continue well. Taking time for something that focuses your mind and fixes your attitude sets the tone for the day. I like to meditate. Others start with quiet reflection. Some practice gratitude. You can work out, go for a walk or do yoga. and later enjoy a breakfast. You can spend time with family after your own me-time. The most important thing is for you to find your balance and build energy before starting the day by bringing balance to mind, body and soul so you are ready to handle and make the most of whatever the day brings.

Different things suit different people but there is a routine that will bring out best in you-in mind body and soul. You just have to find it.

You can borrow from Benjamin Franklin who woke at 5 am every day and asked himself 'What good can I do today?" What a great thought. Richard Branson rises at 5.30 am wherever he is in the world so he is well on top of things before others have woken up.

So, this week why not look at what sets you up for feeling good and build in time to do something for yourself. A few simple changes can make you feel set and ready.

Most importantly, fix your attitude and set the tone for the day. Mediate or read something to open your mind. For body, you can exercise, stretch or go for a walk. A few minutes, of the morning sun is very energising. For soul, you can sit with yourself, moving beyond the noise of the mind and connect. Ask yourself is everything ok? Am I happy with the way things are moving? Is there anything I need to look at in myself or in my life? Listening to your soul tells you if you are in alignment or if you need to adjust anything.

Feeling connected to yourself and energised, and with an understanding of where you are and what you need to look at prepares you for your work day and life.

The adage 'Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise' holds much wisdom. As Zig Ziglar says, it is your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude. If you want to fly in life, start the day right. Over time, this could be one of the biggest things you can do to make each day a great one.

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