Monday 26 August 2019

Five things learnt this week

We rented out The Lincoln Lawyer from Xtravision. Matthew McConaughey rises to the occasion when given a role he can get his teeth into (see A Time to Kill for further evidence), and here he shines as a seemingly unscrupulous lawyer.

The part is in complete contrast to the wishy-washy romcom characters we are used to seeing him play. A gritty thriller that is worth checking out.

Fair City got down and dirty with the crowd at the Ploughing Championships. The worst thing the producers could do, however, was to ask the members of the public to act naturally, as Tommy and Jo had a smooch in the middle of a moving throng. These starstruck punters couldn't keep the grins off their faces.

Kerry Katona appeared on Brendan O'Connor's Saturday Night Show and said she was not going to slag off her ex-husband, Brian McFadden, before mentioning in the next breath that he comes to see his kids twice a year. Good job for him that she wasn't there to have a go then.

Arthur's Day is three years old, and growing in stature. This marketing stroke of genius has really taken off and gave thousands of people a reason to head for the pub for 17.59 on an ordinary Thursday evening.

Those of us that didn't join in the celebrations just wish that we could have.

The younger lad has learned how to wave with his hand upside down. I must keep my eye out to see who taught him. They shouldn't be too difficult to spot.

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