Saturday 20 January 2018

Food matters in the spotlight at Wexford town library

By David Tucker

Duncan Stewart will be the guest speaker at the 'Food Matters' event.
Duncan Stewart will be the guest speaker at the 'Food Matters' event.
Duncan Stewart will be the guest speaker at the 'Food Matters' event.

FOOD matters and if you want to eat or produce locally-sourced produce that is seasonal, fresh and chemical free, head along to Wexford Library on Thursday (March 10) to find out more.

Duncan Stewart, the award-winning architect and television producer/presenter, will be the guest speaker at the 'Food Matters' event at the library which takes place at 7 p.m.

Stewart has long been a leading advocate for environmental, health and conservation issues. He has also been a long-time champion of architectural conservation and protection, generally, of our heritage.

The organisers of 'Food Matters' are delighted to have secured the services of such a high-profile speaker for the event, the aim of which is to get Wexford thinking and talking about the importance of locally-sourced, organic food.

'We want to highlight the importance of food that is local, seasonal, fresh, chemical-free and good for you,' said spokeswoman Karen Nolan.

'We cannot think of a better, or more passionate, person that Duncan Stewart to help us sell that message.'

The meeting will be attended by existing growers and producers as well as by those looking at setting up, or making the transition, to organic food production.

It will also by attended by those at the other end of the chain who want to know that they can be assured of quality food grown locally.

Karen Nolan said that there is an ever-growing interest in the importance of food provenance and, especially, in how fresh healthy food can lead to healthy children.

Apart from the obvious health benefits, developing a local organic food economy can bring vital social and economic opportunities to our local areas, the benefits include more jobs, a guaranteed supply of fresh organic food and being part of a community that is working from within to strengthen the local economy.

Food Matters will examine, in the word's of Cultivate's Davie Philip, 'how communities can build resilience and benefit from establishing co-operative food systems'.

It will examine concepts such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), food co-ops and buyers clubs, community markets and distribution systems generally.

Duncan Stewart's current television programme 'Eco Eye', now in its fourteenth series, is driven by his interests in the protection of our environment, Ireland's biodiversity, supporting local communities and how climate issues are impacting on our lives.

He looks forward to sharing with his Wexford audience the experiences of some of the dynamic initiatives featured on the show.

Food Matters is organised by Future-Proof Wexford.

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