Sunday 20 October 2019

Ford says it's the big Green giant

FIGURES for the 2010 Irish car market show Ford is the brand leading the significant shift to greener, lower-CO2 producing vehicles.

Nearly four out of every 10 Ford cars sold (39 percent) so far this year were models that fall into the lowest CO2 tax band A (120g/km or less).

This statistic compares with a full year 2009 total of 15 percent of Ford car sales that were tax band A-rated.

The shift to lower CO2producing models reflects the wider market situation.

So far for 2010, sales of band A-rated models stand at 29 percent of the total market; the figure for the same period in 2009 was just 10 percent. Band A-rated cars attract the lowest rate of VRT at just 14 percent and the lowest road tax of €104.

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