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Herbal teas re-hydrate, cleanse and refresh the body

By Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Clair Whitty.
Clair Whitty.

Herbal teas are a useful way to re-hydrate, cleanse and refresh your body. And at the same time benefit from their healing properties.

For example; A Vogel Golden Rod Tea is a combination of Golden Rod and Knotgrass which are combined together to form a cleansing blend. It's very refreshing, and is a pleasant tea to drink. It will cleanse and refresh your system from the inside, helping to remove impurities and toxins from the body. Both Knotgrass and Goldenrod have natural anti-inflammatory properties, and are traditionally used to reduce pain and swelling associated with arthritis and gout.

If you have a cough or are feeling congested you could try Thyme tea. It won't be very tasty but it is worth including in your tea selection. Thyme is often used in cough medication and chest rubs for lung congestion and coughs. It's a natural source of Vitamins C and A, both of which support the immune system. You'll need to drink three or four cups per day.

Speaking of Vitamins C and Vitamin A, Rosehip also contains these important nutrients. And Rosehip is a very pleasant tea to drink and is perfect to take if you have a cold. Rosehip is great for the skin and acts a mild natural diuretic.

If you suffer with Hay Fever then this is the time of year when you could be thinking about supporting your immune system before the Season starts. This will help reduce the severity of symptoms. A cup of Echinacea Tea is perfect for this, add a small teaspoon of local honey to taste, and you are taking one step in trying to reduce your symptoms for this coming season.

Thyme, Rosehip, and Echinacea are a great choice to have in your cupboard to support immunity, provide nutrients, and to help reduce symptoms.

When you're buying herbal teas for their medicinal purposes choose good quality brands. You want more than the flavour of the herb. Salus, Pukka, Heath & Heather are some of the brands that I like. Remember that herbs are safe if safely used! They may interfere with medication and many should not be used during pregnancy.

Call into your local health store and check out their tea selection, this is a small selection of herbs that nature has to offer.

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