Thursday 23 November 2017

Hospital, BBC2, Wednesday 9pm

THE BOURNE IDENTITY, Matt Damon, 2002, © Universal

the bourne Identity, TV3, Friday 9pm

Matt Damon is the anmesiac Jason Bourne in Doug Liman's slick adaptation of Robert Ludlum's novel.

In a series of flashbacks he discovers he is a CIA-trained operative as he skips around a world of paid killers, staying one step ahead of his own would-be assassins.

Litman gives Damon ample room to show off his Bond-like skills.

Blue Bloods, RTE1, Tuesday 10.15pm

As season seven of the drama series about a Manhattan crime-fighting dynasty begings, Danny faces fresh allegations when the Attorney General's office reveals new evidence about this shooting of serial killer Thomas Wilder.

Meanwhile Jamie and Eddie deal with a very famous drunk driver after a car crash, and the widow of a murdered cop asks Frank to stop her son from enlisting.

Super Sunday, Sky Sports 1, Sunday 4pm

Hype and the Premier League go hand in glove, but this fixture is one which fits the weekly bill of 'Super Sunday', although it must be pointed out that the first meeting of the same two sides earlier this season, turned out to be a dismal affair on a Monday night at Anfield.

The chase for the Premier League title is very tight. Chelsea have a slight edge at present, but then Liverpool, Spurs, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United are all tightly bunched.

Liverpool are been impressive against other title contenders and following this match at Old Trafford, they will host Chelsea at Anfield.

United have found their form and are on a winning streak.

Hospital, BBC2, Wednesday 9pm

The trolley crisis in our hospitals has been headline news since the start of the new year. A repeating problem for the HSE, we are not alone is facing such challenges with the NHS across the sea facing similar issues.

Filmed over six weeks during the last three months, this six-part documentary series explores the inner workings of Britain's NHS.

Tonight two patients await life-saving surgery at St Mary's Paddington, and while both desperately need a place on the intensive care ward, the hospital's full to capacity and there's only one bed left.

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