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How to get your drive back this SAD time of year

When the seasons change, do you plummet?
When the seasons change, do you plummet?

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

It's that time of year again when the dark evenings have settled in. As a result have you noticed a change in your mood, energy levels, or that you need to sleep the whole time? Some of you may already feel low or depressed at the best of times, but when the seasons change do you plummet? Do you suddenly feel like hibernating, hiding from people or that you couldn't be bothered doing anything? If so you could be suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD.

Some of you may already experience depression but the sudden lack of daylight, and a disturbance in your body's natural body clock you can affect your mood further.

Thankfully there are some supplements that can help you feel better. You need to get the basics right first. I know that's not easy when you feel this way. This includes a healthy diet, 3 meals a day, exercise, fresh air, and talking to a friend or colleague.

A deficiency of Omega 3 EFA's found in fish oils, and vitamin D is associated with low mood and depression. Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega-D3 is a high quality fish oil that contains both of these nutrients. Two capsules per day contain 2000mg of fish oil providing 650mg of EPA, and 1000 iu of vitamin D.

If you lack motivation and drive take a supplement called Higher Nature Drive, this supplement works well for me. I take it as soon as I notice a change in my mood or energy levels at this time of year. It contains Tyrosine and B vitamins. Tyrosine will raise dopamine levels which can help improve motivation and drive; B vitamins are great for energy, stress, and adrenal support.

If your mood is low and you feel depressed then choose supplements to support serotonin levels. Serotonin is a brain chemical which helps promotes feelings of happiness. Low levels can affect motivation, energy, mood, cause feelings of depression, and a reduction in sex drive and libido. Herbs that can help improve serotonin levels include Rhodiola, Saffron, or a homoeopathic remedy called New Vista's Serdop.

Talk to your doctor if you're on medication before taking herbal remedies.

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