Friday 19 January 2018

If only the Eurovision was still down to the juries...


How did Ireland win the Eurovision seven times when we can't even reach the final these days? The truth may lie in a breakdown of this year's voting. In voting stats released by the EBU after Saturday night's final, it's revealed that Molly Sterling finished 12th in the second semi final from a combination of jury and televotes - missing out on a top ten place ensuring final qualification. However, if the result had been determined by juries alone (as in the good old days), Molly would have sailed into the final. Here's the top ten from last Thursday night's Eurovision semi final, based on jury voting alone, compared to the actual results on the right:

Jury votingActual result

Sweden - 208 points Sweden - 217 points

Latvia - 155 points Latvia - 155 points

Norway - 146 points Israel - 151 points

Israel - 114 points Norway - 123 points

Ireland - 84 points Slovenia - 92 points

Malta - 84 points Cyprus - 87 points

Slovenia - 84 points Lithuania - 67 points

Cyprus - 76 points Poland - 57 points

Azerbaijan - 67 points Montenegro - 57 points

Lithuania- 52 points Azerbaijan - 53 points

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