Sunday 19 November 2017

It's time to share advice from real people

By Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

A customer had a large polyp in his nose, he was finding it difficult to breath and it was generally uncomfortable. I suggested that he try Terra Nova Pro-Peptase IRC. He also applied Tea Tree oil to the polyp daily. His wife told me that they couldn't believe it but the Pro-Peptase IRC worked, the polyp was dramatically reduced in size. So if you have a polyp it might be worth a try.

Several people asked about something to relieve the intense itch of cellulitis. My sister suggested that they try Salcura spray as she had had good experience for reducing itch. It's normally used to deal with dry itchy skin associated with eczema, or dermatitis but also any dry itchy skin condition. She had never sold it for this reason before but thought that it was the best thing to try. She was delighted to hear back that it did relieve the itch. So I am spreading the word, because there seems to be a lot of cellulitis around at the moment. It might help you too. But please make sure and check out with your doctor first.

A lady who was suffering with digestive discomfort asked me what she could take. Her symptoms included bloating and belching, she had an empty feeling in the stomach, and sometimes she would be full of gas. She could suffer the bloating, but the belching and the gas were embarrassing. As you know if you have this problem there are lots of remedies on the shelves. If you haven't tried Aloe Pura Digestive Aid you could give it a try, it worked for this lady, plus it's not expensive. It contains digestive enzymes, Peppermint, and Aloe Vera.

Another lady was having difficulty sleeping but was trying to come off sleeping tablets. She wanted a natural solution. She is a terrible worrier. She was on medication, which restricted her options. So we tried Nelsons Noctura a homoepathic sleep remedy along with Jan De Vries Night Essence to help with the worry. The combination of the two worked well for her and she is now off sleeping tablets and sleeping much better.

These are real people with real problems; I hope that their solutions can be your solutions too.

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