Saturday 25 November 2017

James' YouTube channel 'Live in Wexford' is a big hit

By Amy Lewis

James Bell filming with Oliver Cole in Rathaspeck Manor.
James Bell filming with Oliver Cole in Rathaspeck Manor.

In 2013, freelance videographer and music enthusiast James Bell tried to find a way to capture the magic of a live gig in a short video clip.

What began as one recording with friend Ian Doyle - aka The Man Whom - has grown into a collection of over 35 videos, featuring a wide array of popular and lesser-known acts in a selection of venues around Wexford. Popular YouTube channel 'Live in Wexford' is the culmination of his efforts.

'I saw people in other cities and towns putting videos of gigs on YouTube but nobody in Wexford was doing it at the time,' explained James, who holds a Masters in television and radio production. 'I realised that I had the ability and the equipment to do it myself so I did.'

Live in Wexford is home to some impressive names such as Mundy, John Spillane and Hermitage Green. With over 16,000 hits, a video of Corner Boy has proved to be the most popular video to date. However, with his venture, James doesn't aim to shoot the most famous artists, nor does he aspire to make any money. The purpose of his idea is to allow people around the world to experience gigs in Wexford.

'Live in Wexford is supposed to enable people to see an act live like they would at a gig,' he said. 'Nearly all of the videos are uploaded on the same day as when they were filmed.'

James doesn't charge artists or viewers for getting involved in 'Live in Wexford' but he said this doesn't put him off. For him, part of the beauty of such a venture is discovering new artists and making their music accessible to the public.

'I like discovering something new,' he said. 'Something like The Ocelots. They're only 18 and they're so amazing. They have no fear at all in terms of musicality.'

He also likes to highlight Wexford town in the clips, adding that 'Live in Wexford' is as much about where it is filmed as it is about the music.

Though he has no immediate plans for his next video, James hopes to catch the eye of other musicians who would be willing to organise a shoot with him. Keep an eye out for the next clip by searching for 'Live in Wexford' on YouTube or Facebook.

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