Thursday 22 August 2019

Kevin and Edel win gold in battle of the bulge

By Esther Hayden

Two weight loss experts have struck gold for the exceptional work they do in helping more than 100 people to lose weight at their local groups every week.

Edel and Kevin Hughes who are the only married couple to be Slimming World consultants in Ireland, run their groups in New Ross, Enniscorthy and Wexford every week, have been awarded gold status by the national slimming club because of their success in supporting slimmers to reach their dream weight and the super service they provide to those members.

The accolade is given to Slimming World Consultants who consistently have 100 or more members in their group over several months, and when the service they provide is so good that members come back week after week because they are losing weight beautifully and wouldn't miss their weekly group for anything.

It represents the highest level of service in slimming and places Edel and Kevin in the top five per cent of the organisations 3,500 consultants, meaning Enniscorthy, New Ross and Wexford are home to some of the best slimming support in Ireland.

Speaking on behalf of the couple Kevin said: 'We are delighted to have received the gold award. We absolutely love our job, and we are passionate about helping people to transform their lives by losing weight and seeing them succeed is reward enough, but being given recognition for the whole group really is the icing on the cake.

'These awards belong to our 800 members. They're the ones that make our groups the success that they are, with their fabulous commitment, the wonderful support they give each other every week,and, obviously, their impressive weight losses while following Slimming Worlds Food Optimising eating plan. They make the groups a fun, buzzy place to be and we can safely say we always look forward to going to work. We truly believe that we have the best job in the world.

'Our groups have really put healthy weight loss on the map in Enniscorthy, New Ross and Wexford. Obesity is at record levels everywhere and many people are suffering a range of weight related health problems and feelings of low self-worth that impact on their working and personal lives every day. Its never been more important that overweight people get the support to make changes to lead healthier lives.'

To join any of Edel or Kevin's groups, log on, or contact Edel 085 8103336 and Kevin 087 6260495.

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