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Local songwriters shoot up the charts

Fergal O'Byrne from Palace West is now a full-time songwriter.
Fergal O'Byrne from Palace West is now a full-time songwriter.
Fergal O'Byrne from Palace West is now a full-time songwriter.

By Amy Lewis

wexford residents were singing the praises of songwriters John Kinsella and Fergal O'Byrne when their song went straight to number one in the Irish and UK iTunes Easy Listening charts recently.

The song 'My Beautiful' was released by emerging star George Hutton on July 15. According to Fergal, who is originally from Palace West, it was a 'fantastic feeling' to learn of their chart success.

'This is our seventh project together,' said Fergal, who first met songwriting partner John from Glenteige at a musical pub quiz. 'We are very proud to have our song at number one. It is a culmination of everyone's hard work over the last while.'

Fergal describes the song 'My Beautiful' as a 'simple and poetic love song'. According to him, it was written by the duo with a very clear vision in mind.

'The song had been on the boil for quite a while. We knew we needed a very special type of singer to perform it,' explained Fergal.

Fergal and John 'accidentally' met George Hutton at a launch party for 'Exiles: Vancouver', an RTE programme in which the singer was a star. On hearing him perform 'Raglan Road' unaccompanied, the pair recognised his talent and decided to send some lyrics to him for consideration.

The singer was equally as impressed with the songwriters, saying that he was 'immediately taken' with the words of 'My Beautiful'.

'I thought it was quite poetic and then when we got to the studio and heard John's orchestration I was blown away,' he said.

According to Fergal, it wasn't long before they were working with George.

'Soon enough we were in Orchard Studios in Enniscorthy recording the song with him,' he added.

Keeping things local, Fergal and John also asked Bree band Celtic Roots to contribute to 'My Beautiful'.

'They came in separately to record their part of the song,' explained Fergal.

Over the next few months, Fergal and John will work with George on a full album, which they hope to have released by Christmas. Fergal has no doubt that the singer has a great career ahead of him.

'It's clear that he is destined for great things,' he said.

This isn't the first notable release for the Wexford songwriters, who have been working together for over three years. According to Fergal, they have had previous chart success but have mainly worked with indie bands.

The pair are also cofounders of the Cotton Tree Project, a musical collaboration of lyricists, musicians and producers based in Enniscorthy. They describe themselves as 'Elton John and Bernie Taupin without the money'.

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