Wednesday 16 October 2019

Love is a Battlefield


IN RECENT years the Battlefield series of games have been slated by some reviewers as Call of Duty clones, but Battlefield 3 truly sees the franchise grow into maturity. Battlefield 3 is a multiplayer epic, with a rock solid campaign to match.

While the campaign surely doesn't bring much that's new to the table, being your average terrorist whack-a-mole, it saves itself by having a dark and inspiring narrative.

What fans of the franchise will really be throwing down their 50 quid for is the multiplayer, which marries all of the best bits from popular FPS titles with massive mixed-arms battles and riveting online combat. The new control scheme is also very user-friendly and will almost certainly improve the rate at which you unlock upgrades.

The game features an independent unlock track for each class, weapon and vehicle, with the sheer number of separate ways to level up meaning that if you've stalled on one area you can easily focus on another.

Killing enemies isn't the only way to earn that new scope you've been eyeballing. Battlefield 3 rewards you for playing safe and using teamwork. While these new incentives still won't prevent the lone idiots from driving off in a six-passenger vehicle, it will certainly bring team-based gameplay further to the forefront of Battlefield's online experience.

You'll be able to track your entire progress through Battlelog, a complete social network built for Battlefield 3. Use of the service is mandatory if you're a PC user – the game can only actually be launched from your browser while you're logged onto Battlelog.

With the new addition of 32-player Team Deathmatch and Rush gameplay modes, Battlefield 3 is edging ever further into Call of Duty territory. Battlefield Bad Company 2 fans will be pleased that this third instalment plays a lot more like that game than Battlefield 1942.

Battlefield 3 is gorgeous visually and certainly won't have its limelight stolen by the Call of Duty series as was the case with Bad Company 2 before it.

The single player and co-op modes certainly have their merits, but the multiplayer alone makes this game worth its price tag.

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