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Magnesium - all you need to know

There are many forms and combinations of magnesium available
There are many forms and combinations of magnesium available

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Magnesium is one of the most talked about supplements, but it can also be one of the most confusing supplements as there are so many forms and combinations of magnesium available.

It can be difficult to know which one is best to take. Magnesium is important for energy production, stress reduction, muscle health including your heart muscle, bone health, and sleep promotion. It's needed to ensure that calcium is absorbed properly.

You'll find magnesium carbonate, citrate, malate, and oxide, or blends like magnesium bisglycinate, and magnesium taurate. You'll find magnesium by itself, or in combination. You can take a tablet, capsule, powder, or a liquid.

Depending on your requirements choose the one that suits you best. For example, Mag 365 comes in powder form which is added to hot water to activate it, converting it to ionic magnesium citrate. This is considered one of the most bioavailable forms to take, especially for muscle recovery after exercise and for general health. Many people find it great for sleep if taken before bed in a cup of hot water or other beverage. For sleep take it at least one hour before bed for optimal results.

If the magnesium formula you chose hasn't worked for sleep then you could try Prizmag, this product combines magnesium with glycine forming magnesium bisglycinate. Glycine improves the amount of time spent in REM sleep, an important stage of sleep for recovery. It's easier absorbed and won't have a negative effect on your stomach or cause loose bowels movements. If you're stressed take two in the morning and one in the evening about an hour before bed. It's safe for young children and pregnant women too.

If you have osteoporosis, or are trying to prevent this then Mag 365 Bone Formula in powder form is worth considering. It combines magnesium citrate with calcium, vitamin C,D3, K2, and Boron, all essential for bone health. If you prefer capsules you could try NHP Osteo Support but you'll need to take vitamin K2 separately as it's not included.

Choose magnesium malate or bisglycinate if you have fibromyalgia. Magnesium taurate is associated with cardiovascular health, and magnesium citrate is considered best for all round health.

As you can see there is a lot to say about magnesium. Call into your local health store for advice today.

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