Saturday 21 September 2019

Make sure they get the correct vitamins as they go back to school

By Clair Whitty

Summer is coming to an end, signalling it's back to school time.

This can be a stressful time for parents organising school books and uniforms. So it's a good time to take B Vitamins, or Rescue Remedy if you're feeling a bit stressed from it all.

If it's your child's first day and they're anxious, or in fact if they're over excited by it all, then they could also take Rescue Remedy to help calm them.

Some children and teachers are prone to getting colds very easily at the start of the new school year. The younger children are especially prone to catching colds. So it's a good idea to start taking something before you head back to the classroom to help support your immune system.

There are a number of supplements that will help to do this. Vitamin D is a good place to start. This is available in tablets or as a spray. It supports the immune system, and is also anti-viral. The lack of sunshine again this year means that we may all be deficient in this important vitamin.

Sambucol for kids contains black elderberry, Zinc and vitamin C. Many parents find this product fantastic. It helps to support the immune system, and will also help to reduce the symptoms of a cold, if your child has one. Black elderberry is a traditional remedy that has been used for respiratory problems, as well as for its anti-viral properties. Most colds are viruses this is why antibiotics are of no use for a cold. It's suitable for children aged one up to 12. Sambucol is also available for adults.

Probiotics - or friendly gut bacteria - are great to take occasionally. If you have enough friendly bacteria in the gut you have support for your immune system, they produce vitamins and helps keep the immune system strong. Friendly bacteria will also support digestive health. You don't need to take probiotics long term; you simply need to replenish them if you feel you need to, especially if you have had an antibiotic.

Don't forget your fish oils. Eskimo 3 fish oils are popular with parents, and young children. They're essential to help concentration and focus. The earlier you start taking them the better.

I hope you enjoy your last days of summer with your family.

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