Friday 6 December 2019

Menomin for a smoother journey through the menopause

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Natural Health Store recently hosted a talk entitled, What Every Woman Over 40 Should Know, with Dr. Mary Ryan Endocrinologist, Claire Grady Nutritional Therapist, and TV star Lorraine Keane.

It was a very enlightening talk. Dr. Mary Ryan believes that women are wrecked, stressed, and are doing too much. Sound familiar?

Being overtired can affect sleep. Lack of sleep will upset the circadian rhythm which can have a negative impact on hormonal production. The lack of sleep can impact on oestrogen levels, tiredness, and stress. Low oestrogen levels affect energy, joint health, mucous membranes, memory, mood, pain, skin, hair and nails, and, it can affect sex drive too.

Dr. Mary's top tips are that women should take time out, rest, go to bed early, and to ask for help. Easier said than done, but I think we need to try this. She talked about having a healthy diet, and suggested moderate exercise. She starts her day with two glasses of water, this wakes up the digestive system. Sugar is toxic, she said, and suggested keeping treats to once a week. No coffee after six as it can keep you awake with trips to the toilet. When asked about supplements she said she likes Cleamarine Menomin, as it provides several important nutrients in one formulation including Krill Oil and Soya Isoflavones.

Nutritional Therapist Claire Grady shocked us by proposing that we could possibly lose the fat around the middle faster by getting proper sleep. There was an audible sigh of disbelief, but it makes sense. Lack of sleep equals stress, and stress contributes to fat storage around the middle.

Lorraine Keane started to have symptoms in her mid 30's, she thought she was going crazy, and was shocked when she found out she was perimenopausal. Tiredness, tearfulness, mood fluctuations, and hair loss were just some of her symptoms. She decided to take Cleanmarine Menomin a supplement to help balance hormonal activity. It contains Omega Oil from Krill, B vitamins, vitamin D, and Soya Isoflavones. Lorraine said she loves this supplement, it's fantastic. She feels so much better, normal, and highly recommends it.

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