Thursday 18 January 2018

Music's rich list

Music may not be the cash cow it once was, but some people are still making a few bob - including the members of U2, 1D's Neil Horan and adopted Irishman Michael Flately. Here - according to the Sunday Times - are the top ten richest in Britain and Ireland, and the richest music stars under 30, for good measure.


1 Sir Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell (£730m)

2 Lord Lloyd-Webber (£650m)

3 U2 (£431m)

4 Sir Elton John (£270m)

5 Sir Mick Jagger (£225m)

6 Keith Richards (£210m)

7 Michael Flatley (£195m)

8=Ringo Starr (£180m)

8=Sting (£180m)

10 Roger Waters (£160m)


1 Adele (£50m)

2= Niall Horan (£25m)

2= Zayn Malik (£25m)

2= Liam Payne (£25m)

2= Harry Styles (£25m)

2= Louis Tomlinson (£25m)

7 Ed Sheeran (£20m)

8= Ellie Goulding (£13m)

8= Jessie J (£13m)

8= Leona Lewis (£13m)

8= Katie Melua (£13m)

8= Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan (£13m)

8= Alex Turner (£13m)

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