Thursday 14 December 2017

Music's top women earners

Jim Hayes

Forbes magazine has published its annual list of 'Highest Paid Women In Music' in the past year and there's no prize for guessing the top earner. Between June 1, 2015 and the same date in 2016, Taylor Swift pulled in $170 million, the bulk of it from her all-conquering 1989 tour. Adele sits in second place and is one of the few major artists who makes most of her money from album sales. Here's the Forbes top ten:

1 Taylor Swift $170 million

2 Adele $80.5 million

3 Madonna $76.5 million

4 Rihanna $75 million

5 Beyonce $54 million

6 Katy Perry $41 million

7 Jennifer Lopez $39.5 million

8 Britney Spears $30.5 million

9 Shania Twain $27.5 million

10 Celine Dion $27 million

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