Saturday 18 January 2020

Natural relief for stuffy nosed school kids

Otosan Nasal Spray
Otosan Nasal Spray

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Last week I talked about supplements to keep your children healthy now that they are back at school. Some parents asked me if there was anything to help with stuffy noses, ear problems, coughs, and sore throats. Otosan is a lovely range that focuses on the health of the respiratory system which is suitable for young children.

Let me start with the stuffy nose, because a stuffy nose can keep your child awake at night and it's vital that they get a good night's sleep. Otosan Nasal Spray Baby is a gentle formula to relieve a blocked nose and it's suitable for babies and young children. It's a natural decongestant, helping to relieve symptoms of rhinitis, sinusitis, excess mucus and/or dryness of the nasal passageways. It's a hypertonic sea water solution that contains natural ingredients including organic Orange Essential Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, and Copper Gluconate. The combination of ingredients have a soothing, hydrating, and cleansing effect which frees the nose of excess mucus, pollens, bacteria, and viruses.

Ear problems such as excess ear wax, buzzing, unbalanced ear pressure causing pain and discomfort, or a sensation of closed ears are common. Otosan Ear Cones can offer relief of these symptoms. The ear cones are easy to use, and come with instructions. They contain Propolis which provides the product with its unique protective action.

Otosan Natural Ear Drops have soothing, cleansing and protective properties, which promote the removal of excessive earwax and earwax plugs. They're effective for the treatment and relief of dry skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, and redness.

A sore throat is very distressing. Otosan Throat Spray Forte can help soothe the irritation of the throat, hoarseness, painful swallowing, and burning of the throat. Its spray formula with an orange taste ensures long lasting hydration and a sensation of freshness. You may also find it helpful if your child is suffering from dry cough and loss of voice. There is also a Throat Gel which comes in an easy to use stick.

If you're suffering from more persistent coughs, you may get more benefit from Fortuss, Otosan winter wellness tonic with Manuka honey. Its soothing ingredients can help with both dry and productive coughs and is suitable from one year onwards.

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