Wednesday 16 October 2019

Natural way to a good night's sleep

The reasons for poor sleep vary from one person to another
The reasons for poor sleep vary from one person to another

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

Looking for a natural solution to get a good night's sleep? Earlier this the year I spoke about how important it is to get a good night sleep, and I talked about some remedies to help you achieve this. There are always new remedies to tell you about. And this week I want to tell you about a new one on the market. Especially if you're still having difficulty getting off to sleep.

The reasons why we can't sleep vary from person to person. Some people can't sleep because they cannot switch off their mind from unwanted thoughts and worries. Some people can't relax or unwind, while others simply need to get back into a good routine. The menopause can cause havoc with sleep too. Low levels of melatonin can affect sleep.

Terra Nova Smooth Mag is a new product that could be the perfect remedy to help you get a good night sleep, something so simple, yet so hard to achieve for many people many people.

It contains Green Oat Seed (Avena Sativa), which is a lovely herbal remedy that helps aid relaxation, soothe the nervous system, and help deal with stress. The presence of Montmorency Cherries provides a natural source of melatonin which is essential for a good night's sleep. It also contains Pyridoxal 5- phosphate a B vitamin that helps the body cope with stress and supports the adrenal glands.  It contains Magnesium which is used by many to help with sleep.

Magnesium is also used to support the stress response, nerves, muscles, vascular system, and heart and energy metabolism. It's an extremely important nutrient. I think that this makes a very interesting combination that can work synergistically to promote relaxation aSmooth Mag comes in powder format, it mixes easily, and is unflavoured, it can be stirred into water, juice, milk or plant based milk alternative. You take one scoop one or two times per day depending on your needs.

It contains no dairy, additives, sugar, sweeteners, fillers, colours or flavours, it's 100% Vegan. I think this is a brilliant supplement that can help you relax, unwind, switch off, and ultimately get a great night sleep.

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