Sunday 20 October 2019

New Tayto bar – is it a hit or miss?

Tuesday: The good woman had a surprise waiting for me when I got in from work today. It was one of the new Tayto chocolate bars. 'The shopkeeper had three boxes of them at 3pm and only two bars left shortly after tea-time,' she told me, and I couldn't help but be intrigued. The first thing I noticed was its size, diminutive when measured against a Dairy Milk bar, which is a piece of chocolate confectionery that I would slay dragons for.

After my meal (and my briefcase, brolly and bowler hat were put away), I boiled the kettle and prepared to put Mr. Tayto's latest creation to the test, and I'm glad to report that it does exactly what it says on the wrapper. The inside of my mouth exploded with joyful sensations of Tayto crisps and chocolate being fused together – all that was missing was a bottle of TK Orange, and it could have been 1986 all over again.

I had heard mixed opinions from people that had tried one before. Some liked it, but others commented that they would have preferred a different brand of chocolate being used in the mix; I think it doesn't matter all that much. Would I buy another one? Yeah, why not, though at €1 a pop there are better value treats on the market. The young lad also approved, as three squares disappeared when my back was turned. While Mr. Tayto's innovation when it comes to experimenting with his product must be admired, I hope nobody mentions to him how well a bag of Tayto and a beer go together. That's a concept I won't be able to get my mind around.

Friday: The young lad asked me how to make things disappear today. As tough as it is for a dad to admit to a child that there are things in this world he cannot do, I had to tell him the truth. 'Young lad,' I said, 'if I could make things disappear then I would be a millionaire. I'm afraid I have to leave that one to the magicians.' Unimpressed he picked up a banana, told me he was hungry, and took himself off into the playroom.

Some time later, I found him putting the banana under a magician's hat that he had been given one Christmas, and I dismayed at the look of disappointment on his face when it wouldn't vanish. 'Are there any spells on the internet that can make things disappear?' he asked, and I promised I would have a look. After a quick Google search, the first spell we came across had the following instructions: 1) Open a window. 2) Fetch the object you want to disappear. 3) Throw the object out the window. 4) Close the window. While we had a chuckle at such audacity, he soon realised what this meant. His daddy is no David Copperfield, and magic would not be 'magic' if any old fool could do it.

Sunday: I have long grumbled about the quality of Sunday night TV on RTE. The good woman cajoled me into watching The Clinic a few years back and after a while I came to semi-enjoy it. There were some good characters created – Dan stands out in my memory, even if the writers ended up not really knowing what to do with him by the concluding series. RAW and Love/Hate failed to grab me in the way they did hundreds of thousands of others, but I think that came down to a lack of personal interest in the storylines; both were very stylish productions.

Tonight, however, the show I have been waiting for arrived. The Fall, which stars Gillian Anderson of X Files fame, began its run and it was first class entertainment. You can't beat old-fashioned murder, mystery and suspense to draw the weekend to a close, keeping mundane thoughts of Monday morning at bay. This tale of a serial killer on the loose in Belfast complemented by an insight into the lives of those hunting him gripped from the opening scenes.

If you're curious, it is repeated later in the week.

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