Saturday 20 January 2018

Nutritional Therapy - make yourself aware

By Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

This week is Nutritional Therapy Awareness Week. It has been established to raise awareness on nutritional therapy, and its health and lifestyle benefits. Nutritional Therapy is an investment in your health. As the late Ronnie Plant said, "We are what we eat, drink, sleep, and exercise," It's a simple approach. Yet it's easy to get it wrong. There are times when some guidance from an expert will help you achieve optimal health. A visit to a nutritional therapist is a great place to start.

Nutritional Therapy is an evidence based approach to health. A fully qualified nutritional therapist is someone who holds a minimum of a three year diploma in nutritional therapy and is trained in biochemistry, physiology and pathology. They offer personalised diet & lifestyle advice which is tailored to your individual health needs and goals. This includes carefully chosen dietary recommendations, practical meal suggestions and recipes, as well as tips as to how you can incorporate these changes into your lifestyle. Anyone of any age will benefit from Nutritional Therapy.

If you are experiencing health issues, it may be that you are eating food that doesn't agree with you. Or you might be eating too much of a particular food. It could even be the lack of nutrients from certain food groups. This can be identified with some help. Sometimes you will be advised to take supplements to re-establish balance, though not always. You don't have to be ill or have any health issue to benefit from nutritional therapy; you can simply make sure that you are doing the best you can.

With nutritional therapy you can improve the symptoms of conditions like Arthritis, IBS, high cholesterol, menopause, insomnia, as well as skin problems, sugar imbalance and weight control issues. Not only that but when you make changes to your diet and lifestyle you can look and feel great with increased energy, mood, focus and concentration.

Nutritional Therapists of Ireland is the professional organisation that represents qualified nutritional therapists. You can find out what's happening around the country by visiting or calling into your local health store to find out more. There are talks and free consultations being organised at various venues around the country.

Your health is in your hands. With a little help and guidance you can look and feel great.

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