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Onrush - truly unique and brimming with character

Onrush (Playstation 4), 9/10

Players of all skill levels will get something from Onrush
Players of all skill levels will get something from Onrush

Chris Hayes - Game Review

Onrush does what a number of developers have tried and failed to do since the Burnout series of games - create a racing game for people who don't enjoy racing games.

Even still, this assessment borders on hyperbole simply because Onrush really does defy categorisation. On the most superficial level yes, it is a game about cars.

Scratch the surface, however and you will soon realise that Onrush is a well-oiled amalgamation of everything that made Burnout fun, combined with the high-octane flick-action of Smash Bros. and the champion-based competitive action of a game such as Overwatch.

Put simply, Onrush is a stupidly fun vehicle brawler that doesn't take itself too serious by any stretch of the imagination.

First and foremost, we need to dispel the notion that Onrush is a racing game at all.

Remember the old racing games that featured 'rubber banding' as an annoying way for AI opponents to rear-end you at the very last corner and cost you the race? Onrush includes this feature as standard.

While it may sound bizzare, it truly works within the context of the game's controlled chaos. During one of Onrush's 'races', both teams are grouped together in a pack known as The Stampede. Fall too far behind and you are immediately teleported right back into fray of crunching metal and visceral action.

Onrush doesn't require you to possess any experience with racing games at all; ensuring you are always in and amongst the action.

While the barrier to entry for Onrush is relatively low, this doesn't mean the skill ceiling is affected, with Onrush affording dedicated players enough tactical nuance and mastery to perform intricate takedowns and impressive stunts.

While Onrush does provide a single player mode, this is mainly a way of learning the ropes - with the game truly coming alive once you enter the online realm and battle other real-life players.

Truly unique and brimming with character, Onrush is a strong recommendation. The overall aesthetic is busy but gorgeous and the game offers enough content and replayability to justify the premium price tag.

The nature of the game mechanics means players of all skill levels will get something from this thrilling release.

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