Sunday 18 August 2019

Paddy hits the spot

ISN'T Enniscorthy based councillor Paddy Kavanagh a breath of fresh air? At a time when most politicians are scared of their lives to raise any issues which would be considered politically incorrect, Paddy has no problem tackling matters which are often of real concern to local communities.

He has been well known in the past for fearlessly highlighting the difficulties faced by the settled community as a result of the antics of some sections of the travelling community. He has appeared on national radio and television to give voice to his opinions and usually endures fairly tough treatment at the hands of the politically correct presenters. But, to his credit he battles on regardless.

Last week he was raising another issue. It concerned a family provided with a local authority house who then went on to build a very expensive property for themselves. How did they come to get the local authority house in the first place and where did they get the money to build their big house? were the questions he raised. As usual he didn't get any satisfactory answer but these are the type of incidents which infuriate hard pressed taxpayers in every community and the so-called 'silent majority' need more representatives like Paddy to keep banging on about these issues.

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